Jaq and Gus for a day

My cousin, Gabbie, is a fashion student as De La Salle College of Saint Benilde. I’ve seen her sketch skirts and party dresses, heard her crack jokes about zippers and fabric, and last night I watched her make Cinderella’s ball gown.

One of the classes she’s taking right now is children’s clothing construction, so of course the logical decision was to make a princess dress for her final project.

Children’s clothes are deceptive though. They may be small and make you want to take the nearest and fattest child out for a shopping spree, but they’re just as (if not more) difficult to make as big-people clothes. So her sister, Dan, and I played Jaq and Gus in her Cinderella sweatshop story.

Dan helps with Gabbie’s projects so often that she really ought to graduate with a fashion minor. She’s had just as many sleepless nights, and I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s able to relate to Gabbie’s jokes about different types of pockets.

Dan, Cinderelli's #1 mouse, working on the nine feet of fabric that will make the skirt fluffy

All I really did was take pictures and make pa-cute.

Wrapped in my wedding veil that smelled of feet and dried sweat. <3

Seven hours, a cup of coffee each, and lots of inexplicably weird moments (“If you had to get raped by any animal, which animal would you choose?”) later, this is how far we’d made it: