Life lessons from film cameras

Disclaimer: I’m no photographer (despite all my dad’s wishes). I bought a disposable camera for my Sinulog trip because I didn’t want my dad’s Fuji x100 getting paint on it. I didn’t even touch the box while I was in Cebu though, so I ended up using it on different occasions.

1. Sometimes it does us good to have the privilege of the “undo” taken away.

With the age of digitalization and the Internet came the ability to publish, comment, tweet, copy, paste, reblog, like, and, conversely, take it all back again. There are pictures of people making pouty duck faces simply because they can.

Andrew and I never have pictures in which we both look nice. It just doesn’t happen. Not making an ugly face here was a conscious effort.

2. Since undo is not always an option, actively look for what’s worth your while.

I read somewhere that Ansel Adams used to send out his students with a just a single film sheet as an exercise. We may now live in a world of 32gb memory cards, but the concept isn’t as laughable as some might think.

Camille and Chau during our Mind Museum adventure

The day I “taught” Andrew how to ride a bike

3. Things won’t always go the way you hoped they would, despite all prior preparations.

When nothing can be done to remedy the situation, instead of getting all huffy about it, it’s best to see the good in whatever’s at hand.

Sams is a certified picture-ruiner (Our MO is to only count up to 2 and just hope for the best). I love this picture though.

4. Some our your attempts will yield results better than you expected while others will fall flat. Either way, you won’t know until you try.

The people who make Ateneo bearable


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