The Salgado house, where the will to stay thin goes to die

If you ever need to eat your weight in lutong-bahay na sosyal food and not regret it, Cara’s house is the place to go.

She turned twenty recently, and in celebration of her departure from her teen years, she served paella, greek salad, angel hair pasta, fish, salad rolls, red velvet cakes, and an unending supply of amazing cupcakes. I think that eating a little (okay, a lot) of all of that was a jab at the version of myself who sometimes insists that looking good in a bikini takes priority over enjoying excellent food.

It didn't even occur to me to just go back for more later.

There’s been a lot of nonsense among my own friends lately about what it takes to stay thin. Too many times I’ve heard of people going to the gym everyday, sniffing food to satisfy a craving, counting calories, drinking only juice for days on end, and jumping on the bandwagon of every new and ridiculously priced workout regimen. While their toned legs and flat stomachs say that their efforts were not in vain, I look at them as they push away their carbs and sugars and  seriously question their emotional stability.

I worry that they’ve equated their self-worth with what they see when they step in front of a mirror or onto a weighing scale, and they’ve lost the ability to look at themselves objectively. They hunger for approval, so every spoonful of rice is an obstacle to their goal, every bite of a cupcake a hurdle in the way of their happiness, until nothing is good enough. There’s nothing wrong with working on your appearance, until it becomes the basis for the way you do and view everything else.

Maybe watching people I know do this to themselves is why, instead of spending my first weekend of summer running off the weight I gained during the school year, I lounged about my house, reading books, watching movies, and downloading music. Ironically, hearing them go on about their weight has been a constant reminder to me that there are things in life that deserve to be ranked above my lack of abs.

But I digress. All I meant to do when I started this entry was post food pictures. So let’s get to it.

Greek salad a la Cyma

Red velvet birthday cake!


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